About Us

Play&Pray is a platform where we develop youth to benefit others. It is where we develop the youth and teach the youth to teach others. Our main objective is human capital development for university and college students. We aim is to solve community problem among kids, aborigines, disable, university students, refugees, rural area community and many more. We believe that the real value needs to be forged by a good system and people who believe in it. “We can’t give what we don’t have” …and we are Play&Pray!!!



  • Human Capital Development
  • A platform for youth for a better opportunity
  • Preparing kids and youth using exposure methodology
  • To deliver vital information and necessary support



  • Developing kids and youth within Islamic methodology
  • Promote volunteerism for social strengthening and unity
  • Positive exposure to the target audience to be ready and competitive
  • Positive character and behavior development



Kids :

  • Refugees
  • Orphanage
  • Rural Area
  • Asnaf
  • Disable
  • Ordinary

Youth :

  • University Student
  • College Students